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More than Insurance Information Systems

As you well know, the international and domestic short term insurance industry is constantly required to meet ever-changing standards as trends emerge and niches within the market expand.

In order to stay ahead in this challenging environment you need to be confident as an insurer that all the information will be on hand when you require it, and more importantly that you can trust the accuracy and interpretation of this information.

A solution to the Risk, Capital, Resources and Effort.

Here at Kindle Insurance Technologies we understand the considerable risk that an insurer is exposed to when relying on an outsourced party to provide critical information. We also recognise that the internal development of advanced business and IT systems often demands considerable investment of capital, management effort and resources.

Sound familiar?

Not to worry, we have the solution. By partnering with our clients to identify your information needs, we can confidently take on the financial risk involved in customising, implementing and successfully deploying our insurance information system in order to meet your requirements.

With over a decade of experience in the design and implementation of sophisticated insurance information systems, we know that KIT (Kindle Insurance Technology), our software platform, is able to fulfil any short term or specialised insurer’s insurance information management requirements.

What We Offer You

Not only is our software robust and agile, but our team of experts ensures your insurance system needs are met for the long term, giving you the peace of mind to do what you do best.

Determining Insurance System Needs

By having a progressive vision that encompasses the technologies of today and tomorrow, we anticipate the fundamental changes in the market which will affect how information systems are used. This allows us to preemptively accommodate the requirements, and pass the benefit of foresight on to our clients.

Analysing Client’s Requirements

We undertake careful consideration and analysis of you and your business’ requirements within the enterprise environment, so as to ensure that our solution fulfills these needs most effectively.

Offering a Long-Term Vision

By understanding the state and direction of your company, we can provide objective recommendations and assistance with regards to the management of insurance information.

Delivering Quality Support

Providing effective and timely assistance when you need it, because your time is money.

Some of our Happy Customers

These insurers and underwriters use our software platform, KIT, and benefit from our extensive expertise to help manage their highly specialised risk and complex insurance transactions.

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